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** Keep your front door, back door and windows locked at all times – even if you are expecting someone.

**Fit a spyhole so that you can see who is there. Choose one with a built-in intercom OR speak to callers through a window to find out what they want.

** Don’t be tricked. Only open the door if you know the caller – or if they have made a written appointment to see you. Genuine callers won't mind.

** ID cards are easy to reproduce so don’t trust them. Never use phone numbers printed on ID cards to verify the caller’s identity.

** Set up a password with utility companies. If the caller doesn’t know your password then they aren’t genuine.

** Don’t use tradesmen who call offering to do work. Good quality workmen will be too busy to look for work in this way.

** Don’t keep large quantities of cash at home – use a bank account instead.

** Avoid buying or selling any goods or service at the door.

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