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Home Security

In the same way that we work with Northamptonshire NHS, we work closely with Northamptonshire Police for home security issues.

Home Security covers a very wide range of work, depending on the level of security that is required. Referrals are received from Northamptonshire Police either on an individual level or as part of a larger project in a specific area.

Target Hardening is the lower level, where examples could include such items as replacement of / upgrade to door locks, window locks, window shock alarms, door alarms, PIR movement sensors, door chains, prikka strip to put on the top of fences and other similar items. We carry out this work throughout Northamptonshire with the exception of areas covered by East Northants District Council.

We also carry out work throughout Northamptonshire where domestic violence or hate crime is involved and an extra level of security is needed, to strengthen doors etc. Beyond this we sometimes need to provide a secure room in the property which can be used as a ‘Sanctuary’ and which is intended to provide safety for a length of time sufficient to give the Police and Fire Service time to respond to an emergency call for assistance. This work may also include a fire proof letter box and security grilles at the windows. We work closely with Northamptonshire Fire Service in this respect.

Having visited the property, we can, where appropriate and with the client’s agreement, also make referrals to other independent living support agencies.

Whilst this work is funded by the Home Office, through the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP), we can, under our Handyperson Scheme carry out Target Hardening type work privately.

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