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Home Security

Case one

This client was the victim of aggravated burglary where there was a threat made using a knife. Living on her own, naturally the client felt very vulnerable and a referral was made to us by the Crime Prevention Officer with a request for works to be carried out to improve the security and therefore reduce the fear of crime.
We fitted:
> two padlocks,
> two sash jammers ( a device to prevent windows or doors being opened) and
> six battery powered window shock alarms.

On the feedback form which we invite clients to complete, the client made the following comments: "All work was completed cheerfully and where some security devices would not suit, I was advised about an alternative and this was completed. Extremely satisfied and feel much more secure. Thank you".

Case two

Another example of our Home Security Service is this client who had been the victim of a burglary and again was feeling very vulnerable. Details were referred to us by the Crime Prevention Officer.
We fitted:
> a dusk till dawn solar powered security light to the side of the front door
> a battery powered PIR alarm to both garden shed and the garage
> a deadlock to the front door
> eight battery powered window shock alarms to the downstairs windows
> we repaired a broken fence post to make it secure and
> we fitted some expandable trellis. This provides height and is deliberately flimsy so as to hamper an attempt to climb it.

The client's comment were:
"My very grateful thanks for the excellent job, cheerfully carried out by your workmen. I will be able to sleep now as I feel so much more secure. They have completed a wonderful and helpful service.
Thank you very much.


Feedback Comments

When we carry out Home Security works, we invite our clients to complete a feedback form to ensure we are providing a good service. Below are some of the recent feeback comments we have received:

  • Feel safer immediately. Reassured the increased security is adequate to protect me and the kids in the home. I will sleep now.
  • We were very satisfied with the responsiveness of the team. We definitely feel a lot more secure in our home.
  • Both gentlemen were just great, they made me feel safe from the time they arrived and with all the fixtures I feel more secure. Thank you.
  • Can now relax more, thank you so much.
  • The men were all very polite and helpful, non-judgemental and reassuring. Their attitudes and approach to their work was always positive and cheerful making me feel secure and safe again. Thank you for helping me sleep again. Cannot thank you all enough.
  • Excellent customer service and very satisfied with the work provided.
  • I am very pleased with the service I have received and I now feel more secure within my home.
  • Extremely polite and helpful and went through everything he was doing. You have got an employee you should be very proud of and is really concerned with the safety of the public he is dealing with.


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